Civil Society Organisations

The RESILIM O project aims to strengthen and mobilise the Civil Society sector in the Olifants Catchment by building resilience through training, communication and a supportive, enabling networking.

Given that many of the effects of climate change and resource depletion are experienced directly by civil society, we have identified the need for ongoing support to the CSO sector within the catchment to move towards proactive interventions and preparedness for climate change responsivity and adaptation. Through the Civil Society Organisation Support Initiative (CSO SI) we aim to contribute to transforming a core of CSO’s to be proactive and resilient in the face of climate change, resource degradation and growing livelihood insecurity.

The Civil Society Support Initiative will follow the general framework for resilience building but with an emphasis on activities relevant to the civil society sector.

In 2017 we initiated the CSO Indabas Programme. Explain

The Indabas programme completed three cycles in 2016 reaching approximately 150 representatives of Civil Society Organisations in the Olifants Catchment. What happened at these Indabas? Can we link to a report? It emerged that the Indabas are important platforms for stakeholders to seek localised solutions and responses to challenges such as climate change and collectively experienced natural resource management problems.

In 2017 we will conduct three more cycles in the upper, middle and lower catchments. The dates are: dates

One of these cycles will be dedicated to exploring climate change impacts and adaptation. Closely aligned with the CSO Indabas is the Water Clinics which are designed to support enhanced capacity of some CSOs with respect to water resources protection through an introductory course which aims to introduce participants to key concepts regarding water resources protection as the basis for their own actions in the Olifants River Catchment (link).